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InSites: A Support Network for Learning and Change


Change is natural. It can be smooth or disruptive, welcome or unwanted, loved or feared. Like mountains, change may take thousands of years to develop, or like dandelions, it may spring up overnight.

What InSites does

InSites can help you and your organization use inquiry tools to facilitate change and ensure learning and growth through evaluation, research, planning, and decision-making activities.

We can help you:

Position your inquiry. The first steps to bring about change are determining what issues you need to focus on and then conducting an inquiry to find out more about these issues. InSites also helps you think through political issues and make sure you have the necessary support to make the inquiry worthwhile.

Plan your inquiry.  Data collection, analysis, synthesis, and communication must stay focused on the issues being investigated. This focus ensures that the results of the inquiry are meaningful and can be used to facilitate change.

Gather information. The inquiry may involve interviews; document reviews; surveys; questionnaires; focus groups; case studies; assessments of student knowledge, behaviors, and skills; and more.

Analyze and synthesize information. To successfully bring about change, you must go beyond the usual data summaries to incorporate other research and actively engage stakeholders in interpreting the data.

Communicate findings. The final step is to engage stakeholders, motivate them, and inspire action through effective communication.

InSites can conduct these activities for you or provide coaching, training, and other support to help you carry out these tasks.

How InSites works

InSites can enrich your inquiry work because we:

• care about what matters to you.

• think and design inquiries creatively with your interests in mind.

• encourage dialogue throughout the process to ensure learning.

• focus on and appreciate what you value.

• takes a systems orientation and draws on theories based on complex adaptive systems.

• design and conduct high-quality surveys, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and observation guides.

• use engaging communications.

• meet timelines and budgets.

• follow high professional standards.

What InSites knows

In its work, InSites makes use of its extensive understanding of:

• how to achieve results.

• principles of learning organizations and communities.

• adult learning.

• how complex organizations and systems work.

• how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research/evaluation.

• multiple assessment tools.

• classroom practices.

• innovative evaluation, research, and planning strategies.

• human systems dynamics and complex adaptive systems



InSites is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization.